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Biolux Kerama 24″ with Lid

19,999AMD 7,999AMD

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  • Vevendo BIOLUX ceramic frying pan ceramic lotus effect Diameter 24 cm — suitable for all types of cooker — The Original from the TV ad
  • The special Lotus effect ensures that water in drops not rolls, but also all particles on the surface Mitnimmt. It’s that’s is a mic & Nanoskopische architecture of the surface to help reduce the adhesion. This keeps the pans and no food stick are extremely easy to clean.
  • The BIOLUX ceramic pan with special heat-conducting base means you can fry frying with extra low fat or due to the excellent in its own juices. The fast fry ensures that of taste, Vitamin and nutrient content of food are retained. Also the pan is low energy consumption, i.e. uses the pan and stores the energy to the end.
  • For all types of cookers.
  • The inside of the fry pan is made from white ceramic and, so that your always perfect at a glance.

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1 x Biolux 01380 breakfast pan — 24 cm
1 x Thermal Glass Lid — 24 cm
Excellent frying
Low fat or fat free cooking
High quality heat-conducting base
For all types of cookers
Unique ceramic coating
With lotus effect
Non-slip and more heat resistant handle
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe