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Sauna Massage Belt

34,999AMD 19,999AMD

    2րդ-ը    9,999AMD


  • Material: ABS
  • The Slimming Belt:
    • Input voltage : DC 24V 800 mA
    • Input power : <40 W
  • The adapter :
    • Input : 110-220v 50/60Hz 0.40A
    • Output : 24V 850mA


  • 1 X Slimming belt
  • 1 x Power cable cord

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Sauna Massage Belt Velform! Its advanced technology combines heat and massaging action to break up fats and cellulite, leaving your skin smooth and supple. By sweating, your body releases harmful toxins so you can finally get rid of unwanted weight even by just sitting still.


  • Detox & Massage, New concept of losing weight
  • Pelimed, Magic Fat Killer for abdomen, waist, back, hip thigh, leg, etc
  • Compact design suitable for all fitness levels
  • Matches human oriented design with convenient and simple operations
  • Distinguished from other slimming equipment by compact size
  • Super functional; flexible and sensible to localize burning fat
  • Slimming, Lymph drainage and massage
  • Consists of highly effective radiator
  • Improves body circulation and stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph