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Hair Wavz

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  • Wave after wave of gorgeous glamorous cover girl hair with no damage
  • A unique and revolutionary hair curling kit which uses no heat to curl your hair naturally
  • Brand new, unique hair styling system you can get that beautiful beach hair wave in no time

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With Hair Wavz you can get that beautiful full bodied wave in no time. Hair Wavz works on any type of hair. You simply; loop, slip and dry and you’ll be showing off glamourous curls in no time. This unique styling system is all-natural and your hair won’t get damaged from hot styling tools!

All natural hair styler
Fast, easy and healthy for your hair
Hair memory retention creates long lasting style
Works on all hair types
Transforms hair from flat to fabulous Plus pouch to put curlers away and store.
New in box

Hair Wavz can be used on wet or dry hair. With wet hair either let your hair dry naturally or blow it dry with a hairdryer after using Hair Wavz. If your using Hair Wavz on dry hair simply spray the Wavz styling hair spray before using Hair Wavz. For best results make sure the hair inside Hair Wavz is completely dry before removing.

1. Simply slip the Hair Wavz mesh over the wand. Grab a section of your hair, the amount will vary depending on hair thickness. Holding your hair and wand with one hand , use the other to push the Hair Wavz onto the hair (about 2.5cm). Pull the wand from the other end. 2. Release! The Hair Wavz will automatically curl up and the hair inside will take the shape of the curl. Repeat until you have curled the desired amount of hair on your head.

3. Now you can let your hair dry naturally or blow it with a hair dryer. Hair Wavz will protect your hair so there’s no damage. 4. To remove Hair Wavz just grasp your hair with one hand and slip Hair Wavz off (holding the rubber tip).